Transforming Learning

Transforming Learning

Throughout the research with 5x5x5=creativity there has been a transformation of practice in classrooms and across whole schools. Our work draws upon the inspiration of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy, offering a creative approach to learning and enquiry that has led to outstanding Ofsted inspections and improved results in many schools. We are committed to improving the lives of children and young people to develop their well-being, creativity and critical thinking. We work in partnership with educational, cultural and creative institutions and organisations to transform learning.

5x5x5=creativity aims are to:

· demonstrate ways in which creativity can be fostered in children and young people to fire their interest in learning

· influence educational practice by establishing creativity as an essential foundation of learning

· produce research to demonstrate the value of creative enquiry, relationships and environments in helping children and young people develop as confident, creative thinkers

· share the research findings as widely as possible, creating a legacy for the future

· provide integrated training and mentoring for participating teachers, artists and cultural settings

We work with colleagues to transform teaching and learning in schools by supporting staff teams in developing reflective and creative practice. We support staff in identifying an area for enquiry, setting up the processes for change and reflecting on progress. We bring our experience of developing creative learning models and can support an action research project, in which children, young people and staff are co-researchers. We have tried and tested tools and approaches that will ensure success in developing a creative curriculum.

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5x5x5=creativity is an arts-based action research organisation with charitable status that supports children and young people in their exploration and expression of ideas, helping them develop creative skills for life. 5x5x5=creativity helps improve children and young people’s life chances by developing their confidence in themselves as creative learners and thinkers whilst inspiring higher levels of motivation and engagement in their learning. Since 2000, 5x5x5 has worked with over 250 settings across 10 Local Authorities. 5x5x5=creativity is now a nationally recognised and highly regarded long-term research project of vitality and innovation, influencing practice across the South West and beyond.
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